Sustainable Web Dev

Green venture studio.


On a mission to shrink the carbon footprint of the Internet.

It is commonly assumed the average webpage emits 4g of CO2 per page view. With the right web technologies, we can bring this number down by at least 75%.

If a website we make is visited 10,000 times per month, we would save 360kg of CO2. It's the equivalent of leaving a low-consumption lightbulb on for 4,320 days.

We can bring more light to the world if we come together to learn from each other: that's why Sustainable Web Dev exists.


The way of the sustainable web developer.

Sustainable Web Dev is a green venture studio offering content, digital products, and web development services to make the Web more sustainable, without letting developers and end-users down.

The studio's web development toolbox follows 5 tenets:

  1. 1. Use Renewable Energy.

    Green cloud computing is the simplest way to decrease the footprint of your storage, processing jobs, and IT infrastructure.

  2. 2. Send smarter HTTP requests.

    Fewer requests thanks to code bundling. Lighter requests using code splitting and compile-time front-end frameworks. Closer requests with content delivery networks, service workers, and offline storage.

  3. 3. Don't repeat yourself.

    Pre-render your webpages, cache processed data, use compiled code and remove duplication wherever you find it possible.

  4. 4. Federate.

    Sharing is caring: adopt serverless, microservice architectures, shared hosting, public APIs, and think community. Boarding a train is more mindful than driving a car all alone.

  5. 5. Plan for change.

    Be on the lookout for more efficient ways to do things. Reuse and recycle what you produce. Strive for better. Change doesn't happen overnight, you either plan for it or suffer from it.


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